Set your default Python -v

Image result for ubuntu 16.04

(Though It’s not recommended by the community)

In Ubuntu, as we all know that the default versions are:

  1. Python2.7 &
  2. Python3.5

So, If you want to Update your Python version to latest version and want to make it default.Then follow the steps:

go to your terminal from global environment and write:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3.6

So, now you have three versions of python in your machine.Now set 3.6 as default.

cd ~
gedit .bash_aliases

then write:

alias python=python3.6

Save the file, close the terminal and open it again.
You should be fine now!

So, you can try it in your ubuntu16.04 Lts. If there has some issues, can comment below.



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